PDFTemplateItextSharp v1.2.2 Binaries + Test APP

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Released: Sep 23, 2015
Updated: Sep 23, 2015 by jaimelopez
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Application DLL Binaries (v1.2.2) + Test APP
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Release Notes

Changes in Moon.PDF.

Release 1.2.x.x

20150914 ::
- Change PDFTemplateItextSharp protected methods.
- Image supports absolute position. Needs X and Y.
- Image supports layout: none| zoom| stretch. (Remember: only reserve image rectangle using width and height (both)attributes.)
- Image supports centered alignment using relative PDF position.

20150203 ::
- Change DrawElement properties and visibility. Add constructors. Changes all sub classes.

- Parse errors. Add try{}catch and default values.
- Boolean parse code -> ADD more options.


- Change projects to .NET 2.0. Quit unused references.
- Extract SimSun font to other dll with only font resources -> Moon.PDFDrawFonts. Change Simsun font load. Add check controls in Moon.PDFDrawItextSharp (font not found).
- Change code for .NET 2.0 full compatibility.
- Change DrawElement to use optional tags (optional="yes") in its vars. Add a static var to enable it (PDFTemplate.UseOptionalTags).
- Change draw image to capture image exception when image don't found.

20130604 ::

- Change var strings to var Variables with Optional tag and formatter. -> Variable
- Add dinamic iTextSharp DLL version checker.
- Add custom draw elements into XML template. -> (Must be DrawElement) Basic object -> DefaultCustomElement
- Add text formatter in built in text vars (TextBox, TextBlock). -> IFormatter (Text, Number, DateTime, Boolean, Custom).
- Control for null DrawElements in Add operations.

20130606 ::

- Add absolute atribute (yes|no) into footer element to write footer in all pages and reserve space for it.

20130607 ::

- Add background image in pagedef element. Attribute: backgroundimage=src. Also you can define:

Uses a definition object, in the future we can create a new XML elemento to this and extract it from page def.

20130610 ::

- Textblock it's a specialization of textbox
- Add var controls in textbox and textblock -> add varcontrol with yes|no|all. No: it's standard mode, Yes: Print text when at least one var it's present. All: Print text when all vars are present.
- Add to textblock justified and justifiedall alignment.
- Add to TableCell backcolor -> backgroundcolor
- Add to textblock backcolor, fill ,borders and borderwith -> backgroundcolor, backgroundfill=yes|no, borders=Left,Top,Bottom,Right, borderwidth=
- Add to textbox backcolor -> backgroundcolor

20130612 ::

- Add custom draw elements in supported TableCell elements-> (Must be DrawElement) Basic object -> DefaultCustomElement

20130614 ::

- Add DocumentProperties (by code) to set any document properties (title, date, ...). -> SetDocumentProperties(..)

20130722 :: cmwong

- merge static method in PDFDrawItextSharpUtils.cs to PDFDrawItextSharp.cs
- remove PDFDrawItextSharpUtils.cs
- remove Simsun font internal support!
- remove Project Moon.PDFDrawFonts

20131017 :: melloraSinxelas

- Add all comments.
- Generate XML documentation
- Generate HTML documentation

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